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Cars in the Making
Brian and Tina Jaeger's late model

Brian Titel's new coupe

Mike Ogrezovich's 57 Ford

Pat Heaneys Hall of Fame Chevelle

Aaron Solsrud in Mike Araco's mod

Brian and Tina Jaeger's Henri J

Dennis Shaw's coupe

Dewayne Fritz's new sedan

The Allards coupe

Vince Schiavones Bergsma car

Brian and Tina Jaeger's restored sedan

Dennis Frings' Vel's Ford replica.

#18's car owners Brian and Tina Jaeger along with the car's former driver, Bob Blank.

Dennis Frings Project
Norm Giese's mod taking shape

Brian Jaeger's recently restored Etchie Biertzer car

Gary Huibregtse's New modified