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Preserving Racing History

John Surges' 55 Chevy.
Mike Ogrezovich's 57 Ford.
John Surges' sedan
Dan Muth's Mod.
Dan Erickson's 1 Year project!
Dan Erickson's 1 Year project!
Dan Erickson's 1 Year project!
Dick Duston's Corvair before and after restoration.
This former Wally Seiler built sedan was driven by Wally himself and Fuzzy Fassbender. Wade Fletcher purchased the body and some parts and comissioned Wally himself to rebuild the car. As you can see in the after photo, a supurb job was done.
Butch Potter purchased this car in its" before" condition a few years ago. After countless hours of hard work he unveiled the finished product this past summer. Great job Butch!
Chris Ratajczyk's Falcon
Here is the chassis from Fuzzy Fassbender's Gremlin. This is what VMSC car builder extrordinaire Terry Hodgson started out with and then there is the finished product with Fuzzy himself standing along side of it! The car is now owned by Charlie Kline of Beaver Dam, WI.